Manuel Cavedaghi


After graduating as a surveyor, he never neglected the profession, dedicating himself with dedication to the various fields in which the profession ranges.
The curiosity that distinguishes the technician meant that he achieved qualifications and specializations in all the characterizing sectors, from the construction and real estate to the cadastral and shipbuilding / infrastructural sectors.
Despite the various insights and qualifications obtained, the passion for the topographic sector predominates and still remains the sector to which he dedicates and concentrates his greatest attention, continuing to achieve specific skills.

Currently the surveyor has many years of experience in the tracing of road works, as built surveys in the infrastructural sector, excavation and carry-over accounting, tracing, topographic rendering, laser scanner surveys and their restitution aimed at the reference context and the needs of the client, also in the BIM environment. , in addition to the classic CAD environment.

The topographic instrumentation and the software in possession, constantly updated and in continuous evolution, offer the possibility of providing the client with a result that is congruent with the needs and requirements expressed.

The availability to perform services throughout the national territory, combined with the experience gained, allow us to offer a dynamic service.